apple, car, gun

Apple wood, 19kg iron weight, steel and silicon
1.5 m x 8 m

Installation view from 1st year masters group exhibition, SEE SAW, Konstfack, Stockholm, February 2023.

Wooden Feedback

Jordana Loeb’s first solo exhibition at Galleri Duerr Wooden Feedback (2022), is a multidisciplinary installation that explores her body’s movements with wooden carvings, sound art, printmaking, and video. Utilizing the physicality of natural fibrous material, Loeb creates wood and stone carvings, sonic resonators, and relief prints to reflect on the transmutation of natural materials and the body.

Hollow dome sculptures lay the landscape for interaction. Found logs are transformed into stretching limbs. Thin sheets of wood become feedback resonators performed and modulated by the body. The exhibition space reveals a field of isolated wooden sculptures that communicate as a collective organism. Her carved log series resembles skeletal structures suspending outwards from Theraband latex straps to form actions of pulling, stretching and balancing. Smooth wooden formations protrude from the ground inviting physical interaction between the artist and the object. Resonating feedback emerges sporadically from hanging metal plates and large wooden carvings, turning sculptures into speaker membranes.

In her relief-print series, bodily actions are printed and then carved, creating gestures of rolling, dragging, and pushing. The process of carving around the imprinted form lifts the body out of wood and onto paper. These simple motions are performed to correlate the print with the anatomy and action. The relief and screen printing process is not merely a recording document but also aims to inform the movement itself.

Loeb’s background in ballet, modern dance, and the somatic method “Klein technique”, has led to a movement-inspired practice that studies bodily alignment through working with muscles of deep postural support. This fascination crosses between her printmaking, sculptural and sonic works to investigate the synergy and consequence of movement.

Installation view from solo exhibition, Wooden Feeback, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm, April 7 - May 14.

Tendons I-IV

Installation views from solo exhibition, Wooden Feeback, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm, April 7 - May 14. 

Folding into Form
2018 - 2022

Sculptural sound and video installation. 
Pine sculptures, 4 channel sound installation, 7 min video.

Sound produced & mixed - Anders af Klintberg
Videographers - Aron Pelcman & Victoria Loeb
Video editing - Jordana Loeb

Installation views from solo exhibtion, Wooden Feedback, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm. 

Trailer of installation

Scapula - Breaking Stones

Sculptural sound installation. 
Stora Vika marble, zinc plates, wooden podium, 7 channel sound installation.  

Installation view from solo exhibition, Wooden Feedback, 2022, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm. 

Scapula - Breaking Stones

Stora Vika marble, steel plate, wooden podium, 7 min sound installation.  

Installation view from group exhibition, Mot Framtiden, Konstnärshuset, curated by Mikael Goralski, Stockholm, August 2021.

The process of breaking stones is recorded through sound. The action of drilling holes, blowing air and hammering iron wedges into the stone leads to its breaking point. These sounds resonate through the metal plates and wooden podium.