Jordana Loeb                                                                                                                            

Installation views of MFA solo exhibition, Carbon-14 Dating, 2024, duo with Josefina Anjou, Konstfack, Stockholm 

1. Force Field - Chatter
Carved popel wood, steel, transducers, amplifiers 
4-channel sonic installation resonating from sine notes at different frequencies. Co-composed with Anders af Klintberg.
5 x 1,5 x 0,15 m 

2. ...please plant a tree for when I'm born
Apple wood, steel
2,5 x 2,5 x 0,60 m

3. Petrified
Apple wood, wax
60 x 30 x 20 cm

4. Apple Pillars: echo
To fall, lean or be upright.
To support or be ornate.
To sound or remember. 
Apple wood, steel
Variable Dimensions

Exhibition Text/

Apple Pillars: echo
Roots churning,
twisting upwards through its core.
Wind brushes decay
hollow  armor  form.
Holding, grappling
a December weight.
Ground unsettled and disheveled,
glimpses of pointed yellow remain.

My wood dealer revealed a secret, a process that I would have overlooked. The act of peeling and releasing, unmasking a serpentine of muddled and burnt. The diagonal cuts are intentional. Time continues to carve, exposing waxed cores and wrinkles. The artist transitions from preserver, mortician to creator. Head stretches against, a vacuumed hum resonates. A wooden memory stick.