Wooden Feedback, 2022, solo exhibition at Galleri Duerr, APR 7 - MAY 14.

Jordana Loeb’s first solo exhibition in the gallery’s new location at Hudiksvallsgatan 6, Wooden Feedback (2022), is a multidisciplinary installation that explores her body’s movements with wooden carvings, sound art, printmaking, and video. Utilizing the physicality of natural fibrous material, Loeb creates wood and stone carvings, sonic resonators, and relief prints to reflect on the transmutation of natural materials and the body.

TAKEAWAY, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm Craft Week, 30 SEPT - 10 OCT 2021
Curated by SEART and Galleri Duerr.

Mot Framtiden, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 19-23 AUG 2021
Curated by Mikael Goralski.

TAKEAWAY, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm Design Week, 8-14 FEB 2021
Showing new prints in group exhibition. In collaboration with SEART. More information  

TAKEAWAY, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm Art Week, 14-15 NOV 2020
Exhibition organized and curated by SEART and Galleri Duerr.
Open from 12-6 PM.

Between the Hearth and the Stack, 2020
Exhibiting commissioned video projection in  dance performance, by Anna Persson.
29 NOV 2020, Online ZOOM, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, SE
5 NOV 2020, Kulturhuset Möbeln, Tierp, SE
3 OCT 2020, Folkets hus, Karlholm, SE
5-6 SEPT 2020 SITE/ Specific Festival, Farsta

Strata Series,(window installation)Udda Fåglar, Stockholm, MAY-SEPT 2020

Cochlea, music video premiere14 MAY 2020
Music by Linnea Talp and DEEREST.

Imprint series, Orion Teater for bands, Hanged man + DEEREST vinyl release, Stockholm, 13 MAR 2020

Motions of Stasis, Taverna Brillo, Stockholm, 26 SEP-NOV 2019
Showing new works in solo exhibition.